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Our Happy Customers
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“You know that panic when you see your hair all over the shower drain? Not anymore, thanks to Clutch. I barely have to clean the drain anymore.” - Jake, 6 months results
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“Clutch AF. I've told so many of my friends about this.
I am sooo impressed.”

- Ari, 4 months results
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"Thanks to Clutch, my hair feels effortlessly thick and full.
I feel so much more confident.”

- Brayden, 4 months results
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"With Clutch, shedding's reduced, and my smile grown.
It's amazing how much better my hair feels now!”

- Craig, 12 months results
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“Helped repair the damage to my scalp, and reduced hair loss” - Antonio, 6 months results
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“I feel so much more confident. I started to see results after a couple of months.” - Roberto, 4 months results

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Experience the difference in just 90 days.
Thicker, fuller looking hair
Visibly less shedding
Improved scalp health
Visibly enhanced hair strength & shine
20+ Clinical Studies
Formulated with plant-based ingredients backed by over 20 third-party clinical studies.
Saw less visible shedding
Saw more hair density in 90 days
Would enthusiastically recomment
Saw improvements in hair growth

*if hair follicles are still alive, CLUTCH THICK AF Hair Density Serum can effectively improve scalp health, when used as directed, supporting the appearance of thicker, fuller hair with visibly more hair density.

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