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A game-changing approach to men's hair health. Thicker, fuller looking hair in as little as 90 days.

With no sexual side effects.

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With no sexual side effects.

Thicker, fuller looking hair in as little as 90 days.

With no sexual side effects.

A unique, science-backed approach to hair health without harmful side effects.

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Saw less visible shedding

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Saw more hair density in 90 days

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First Aid for Hair Loss

Results in as soon as 90 days

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  • Jake

    "You know that panic when you see your hair all over the shower drain? Not anymore, thanks to Clutch."

  • Rodrez

    “This Clutch Thick AF is my go-to for maintaining a healthy hairline. It’s an effective and safe solution exactly what I needed.”

  • Brayden

    "Thanks to Clutch, my hair feels effortlessly thick and full. I feel so much more confident."

  • Ari

    "Clutch AF. I've told so many of my friends about this. I am sooo impressed."

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    "With Clutch, shedding's reduced, and my smile grown. It's amazing how much better my hair feels now!"

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Real talk FAQs

Why does hair loss happen?

Because time and DHT are cruel, cruel mistresses (hooking up with you for the worst menage-a-trois, ever!). But seriously, every four to six years our hair goes through a new life cycle. When we’re young (pre-teens & teens), the cellular matrices of our dermal papillae (hair roots) are strong and coursing with mRNA 33 and IGF-1 to give us those impressive locks. But as we age we produce less of these beneficial proteins and hormones which can slow down and/or impair healthy hair growth. Elevated levels of DHT (AKA ‘the hair killer’) can cause early shedding (telogen effluvium) and subsequent inflammation which often leads follicular miniaturization (very thin, delicate hair follicales). And so, with the tick-tocking of the clock, more hair comes out, clogging our drains and blocking our confidence. If left untreated for too long, the stunted hair follicles eventually die and it’s GAME OVER, forever.

How does CLUTCH work?

We went deep into the molecular biology of hair growth to address not just the symptoms (hair loss) but even more importantly, the underlying root causes to create high-octane performance without any toxic or embarrassing side effects. Utilizing powerful, organically-grown ingredients clinically proven to help soothe the scalp, inhibit the production of follicledestroying DHT while simultaneously promoting thicker root density to support less visible shedding, our patent-pending formula responds to your hair’s natural cycle to unlock safe, lasting results you can see and feel. Go ahead, it’s ok to tug on it.

How long before I see results?

Use CLUTCH daily for at least 90 days to begin seeing results. Our lab studies show that peak results develop around 120 days.

Will this keep me from losing my hair?

Clutch Thick AF Hair Density Serum™ was engineered to help you keep the hair you have, while also promoting the appearance of increased hair density & thickness (less visible shedding plus the appearance of more fat follicles per square inch = glorious mane). So instead of facing life with a comb over, you can lean confidently into your twenties, thirties and even well into your sixties with your animal magnetism intact.

Will this help get my hair back?

Duh?? In clinical results show the plantbased ingredients used in Clutch Thick AF Hair Density Serum™ result in up to 70% less visible hair shed and the appearance of up to 50% more hair density (the number of follicles per square inch) in just 90 days, with peak results developing in 120 days. While results vary from person to person, if your follicles are still alive, our 100% clean, vegan, cruelty-free formula will help restore your hair mojo in as little as 90 days.

Will this cause erectile dysfunction or other embarrassing side effects?

Nope, never, nada. And that’s a promise.

Will this enhance my sex drive?

Numerous studies show that selfconfidence (feeling good about who you are and how you look) can greatly impact our sex drive. Stress and/or anxiety about our appearance can inhibit our confidence and therefore, sexual desire. But if you’re feeling sexy & uber confident because you’re rocking a thick head of hair, you’re not only gonna enhance your own sex drive, but your partner’s as well! So rub it in and whip it out!

What happens if I stop using CLUTCH?

Clutch Thick AF Hair Density Serum™ works best if you use it regularly & consistently. Once you stop using Clutch, your hair will return to its previous state after approximately four to six weeks. However, because Clutch is non-toxic, clean and free of harmful side-effects, it’s safe to use over the long-term.