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Our mission is to provide a clean, EFFECTIVE, and health-conscious alternative for men that safely supports hair growth & scalp health while reducing the appearance of shedding without adverse side effects.


“A wellness-conscious solution (to hair loss) that prioritizes both
effectiveness and safety”

Meet Our Founder

Dan bw.jpg__PID:41e91c39-4b33-442f-967a-058084f3c4f6
DAN HODGDON Ingredient Hunder, CEO Clutch

Meet Our Founder

Dan created CLUTCH in response to the resounding success of VEGAMOUR, the pioneering women’s hair wellness brand he founded in 2016 and scaled to global acclaim alongside acclaimed actress Nicole Kidman and private equity powerhouse General Atlantic.

Witnessing VEGAMOUR’s impressive rise as the world’s fastest-growing hair wellness brand through its clean, clinically proven approach to women’s hair loss concerns, Hodgdon decided it was time to challenge the conventional norms of men's hair health.

"I've spent nearly two decades searching the globe for the most effective botanical actives & science-backed biohacking techniques to address my own personal hair health & wellness concerns. Today, I'm thrilled to introduce a plant-based hair wellness system for men—safe, effective, sustainably sourced, and ethically tested.

Our Passion

Our Passion

Dan’s passion for biodiversity and plant science blossomed during summers spent on his uncle's Vermont organic farm, instilling in him the value of sustainable agriculture and potent plant-based ingredients.

In 2015, he founded Southern Botanica, a global leader in sustainable African botanical actives, laying the foundation for VEGAMOUR's transformative products and forever revolutionizing the hair care industry.

Our Commitment

We advocate for regenerative agriculture bio diversity, and social impact, firmly believing that businesses should operate in ways that benefit both the planet and society. This philosophy underscores our unwavering dedication to pioneering clean, effective, and conscious solutions for the world.

Our Promise

Visible results without compromising your well-being. Our products are meticulously formulated with clinically proven, plant-based ingredients to combat visible shedding and enhance the appearance of hair density, ensuring a healthier hairline.

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