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The science behind

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Developed from extensive research in dermatology, trichology, and plant science, Clutch’s revolutionary plant-based serum is exclusively for men and promises no harmful side-effects.

Caring for great hair shouldn't compromise your manhood.


A game-changing approach that can improve men's hair health in as little as 90 days

Male pattern baldness (MPB) is highly prevalent, impacting approximately 25% of men by the age of 21,
66% by 35, and 85% by 55.

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Clutch offers a unique science-backed approach that targets the root causes of hair thinning and activates genetic predisposition.




Stress levels


Stress levels



The leading cause of MPB comes from DHT (a byproduct of testosterone when it's converted by the a5-reductase enzyme). Contrary to popular belief, MPB doesn't come from an excessive amount of studliness (e.g. too much testosterone) but rather from having elevated levels of the a5-reductase enzyme and how sensitive your follicles are to DHT produced by it.

Extensive, third-party clinical studies have validated the efficacy of the clean, plant-based ingredients found in Clutch Thick AF Hair Density Serum, showcasing remarkable results:


Reduced shedding by up to 60.6%

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Enhanced anagen (growth) to telogen (hibernation) ratio of hair by up to 46%

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Increased hair density by up to 59.3%

Our Revolutionary EMI Peptide Complex™

Our Clutch Thick AF Hair Density Serum, featuring the proprietary EMI Complex™, is carefully designed to boost hair growth and scalp health.

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For thinning hair

Clutch Thick AF Hair Density Serum™ offers what few other men's hair solution can: a product as safe as it is effective.

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NO harmful side effects

Clinically-proven, safe ingredients

Visible results in as little as 90 days

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Erectile disfunction

Low libido

Heart palpitations

Birth defects

Initial shedding

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Start using Clutch before any signs of thinning or loss appear. It works like a strong shield against male pattern baldness, keeping your hair thick and enticingly strokable.

Remember by the time your barber notices your hair is thinning, you've already lost 50% of your foilcles. By the time YOU notice your hair is thinning you may have already lost 49% of your previous locks. So the earlier you start your hair protection/prevention regimen, the better!

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Experience the difference

Thicker, fuller looking hair

Visibly less shedding

Improved scalp health

Visibly enhanced hair strength & shine


It works

With ingredients that reduce shedding and promote hair density, Clutch Thick AF Hair Density Serum™ boosts your hair health. See results in as little as 90 days.


It’s clean

Our men's hair wellness product, Clutch Thick AF Hair Density Serum™, uses clean, plant-based ingredients to safely and effectively address hair density.


It’s safe

We're not in this to add injury to insult. Clutch never causes ED and that's the real real.